Christopher Floyd writes from southeast Louisiana where he lives with his wife, son, and daughter. His life experiences and extensive reading and study have provided him with a vast, rich foundation from which to draw a world view. His beliefs and philosophies are well established allowing his life — therefore his writing — solid definition.

His work covers a wide range of subjects, styles, genres, and levels of complexity. Because his primary goal is to entertain readers, his main focus is fiction. His characters are dynamic, multifaceted, and often surprising. His visual, fast-paced style catches and maintains a reader’s attention. His non-fiction works include personal essay, poetry, letters, and informative articles on a wide range of topics. Although his work is varied, his consistent and engaging style creates an experience worth having and leaves readers satisfied and confident their time was well spent.

As a fellow writer, I am pleased to see Digital Exile taking shape. Christopher has much to share with the world. Like most writers, especially those who write fiction, he writes against the odds of publication. Here, he has decided to reach out to readers and other writers by an alternative method. Please take time to explore Christopher’s pages and share in the experience of Digital Exile.

A synopsis of his published works and a few of his stories can be found at

(Certain selections should be read with discretion.)

Alayne Fenasci


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