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Moving On.

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Fiction
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Held my own heart in my hands and quietly considered myself.
Slid it together along the vivisection lines like a puzzle,
A Djinn’s broken lamp after an earthquake.

Ready to fall apart, it no longer held as it had done all those years.
The muscle thick with weakness and clipped wires and scars,
A half-seared roast basted with candle wax.

They won’t let me keep it no matter how many times I ask.
It is not a discarded umbilical cord or tonsils in a jar,
And it was mine long enough.

Someone else had one they weren’t using to loan me.
Not sure what to think about the fairness of that,
No matter how hard I try not to.

So here I am, four good years later with a good-hearted woman beside me.
Breathing, beating, winning, working, writing,
Learning what the heart possesses is transferable.

Originally published in the 2010 farewell issue of Poesia.