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Presage the dying of the sun.
Look hard. The shadows darken quick.
You know it fades and glows in rhythm.
Presage. Watch how all life breathes deep.
No more. This pitch will never end.

Panic, weak of heart.
Steel, hidden minutemen turn.

Shiver, the hour is upon you.
Roof tops. Man’s last sundowners ride.
Epoch. Sol burns horizons red.
Shiver. It sets to rise no more.
Presage the dawning of the Night.

The end. Whimper bang.
Dream. World-loser’s empire now.

Witness the dawning of the Night.
Howl. For sights and lights and sounds.
Embrace. Cold bed or beloved.
Witness! A bullet for your thoughts.
React. Join the feculent dead.

Too hard? Survive then.
Fight. Fight yourselves but what comes next?

Nothing save the dying in the Night.
Vigils against the dying in the Night.
Hardships. Draw closer. In the Night.
Nothing without pain of losing.
Hopeless life in umbrageous Night.

Filth. Fungus, worms.
Poor fare. Poor trench-born multitudes.

Hunger what you have and what you don’t.
Murder. Take from them what they take.
Chaos. Fires rage to slow the freeze.
Hunger. Gnawing teeth gnawing bone.
Wretched survival at such cost.

Soon. Despair, surrender, quit.
Let Death’s hand bump you in the Night.

Small bands huddle tight for a time.
Humans. Your race is almost done.
Dig deep. Grasp earth’s warmth. Fill your grave.
Small bands. You forgot how to fight.
False light! Yield, for I am the Night.



Power. Voices whisper in the dark.

Wars end. We needed each other.
Mankind, staring doom in the eye.
As one, tore open the silence.
Wars end. We build and reconstruct.
To live sheltered by earth from sky.

Now. We lift up our faces bold
And watch Man’s work invade the night.